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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cochecton NY - where I live now.

Cochecton was a thriving town in the 18th and 19th centuries. Sitting at the point where the bridge connects NY and Damascus PA.

It's Main St. and adjacent roads were filled with merchants and hotels all serving the rail travelers heading north or to local destinations. The original RR station is preserved but moved to a new location a few miles north.
There is still a feed mill in town adjacent to the RR. It's been there for more than a century.

This was a Standard Oil pump house until burning down in 1880. Today it stands as a Gothic brick ruin, windowless and roofless, just across the creek and the field I have my trailers sitting on. Me and my dog Bella visit it most mornings. There is a fantastic swimming hole and fishing spot too. It's as cool retreat on hot summer days - right out my front door.

The whole area was part of a commodities transport hub along the river and RR. Logs, coal, feed and all other products of 19th century life passed through. The train still occasionally runs along the Delaware river - a few hundred feet from my front porch.

Oil was pumped in ceramic pipes to Kingston NY from the pump house, for the NYC markets.

I still have lengths of pipe exposed in a wooded hill and stone ridge I own, overlooking the river, originating from the pump house.

Standard Oil employed dozens of men that would run along the pipes in relay following a small cannon ball to assure that there were no blockages. The pipes head due north to Kingston over hills and valleys.

Those guys were tough. Many died on the job. There are surely spirits in them thar hills!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sex Pistols Posters Photo Authentication

A while back I posted about 3 posters I have (swiped) from backstage at Winterland during the Pistols last show. For years I had been looking for any photo that showed the scene and the posters. A sweet fellow in Japan named Dai Ando sent me this Getty image a few weeks ago. http://daiando.blogspot.com/

I thank him again.

Funny thing is I had a 20 year career in the creative end of the stock photo industry managing new and vintage collections - and I never thought to look on www.gettyimages.com for this shot.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tin Can Trading Post - Now Open Callicoon NY 12723

Hi - Sorry for the pause in postings. Ive been busy moving into a converted barn from 1840 in the river side town of Callicoon NY. After years of fighting the elements selling outdoors - I took the leap and signed a lease on a big duplex space. Enough room for merchandise, a workroom and even a nap spot for me and my dog Bella. How exciting. How Exhausting.
In addition to my own wares, I'm taking choice items on consignment, buying estates and still shopping and picking on my own. The two gold vinyl and mirrored plexiglass chairs above some of you may recall from the infamous Limelight nightclub. They just came in this morning.

At right is a hand crafted desk made in Mexico about 40 years ago. I matched to a nice chair I had made in Guatamala. The tree stump tables are local craft.

I'll be posting more now that I am sort of settled and have finally gotten cable internet. I'll have a web site up and will be back at the flea this summer for a few weekends.